Tuesday 13 November 2012

The Spirit Level Delusion: Chapter 10

As an addendum to The Spirit Level Delusion I have also written an additional chapter discussing Wilkinson and Pickett's response to the criticisms The Spirit Level has received since it was published. As a courtesy to readers, this is available here as a free download (PDF).




Anonymous said...

Very good and entertaining.

I crossed paths with this book as a person I know in passing was spouting at it's greatness. A few readings of reviews and odes to the Spirit Level book had my BS detector working overtime.

The simple fact that people of different economic levels have different habits makes the entire thesis ridiculous. One trip to the grocery store and looking at what people buy can tell you that.

Reading the PDF was a depressing joy.

Anonymous said...

wilk and picketts case v robust.
right wing populists obscuring the context. ignoring other studies. ignoring reality.

RW said...

free download link did not work

Christopher Snowdon said...

Should be OK now.